Dairy-free Mushroom Soup

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Who doesn't recall eating Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup? Remember putting it over pasta and thinking you were the greatist chef? Mixing it into rice and voila, great new sidedish? With all the extra sodium, heavy milk solids and of course the emulsifiers, isn't there a better way?

I saw these mushrooms at my local market, they were in $1 bags, weighing in at about 350 grams! So even though they were quite sad looking, there were no signs of mould (always a good call to check) sI instantly thought SOUP! This is one of my most easiest soups to make, most of it you probably have in your pantry.

The Stuff

Mushrooms 600 grams - you can use whatever mushrooms are your favorite, (I used button as they were on sale)

Garlic 1 clove

Onion 1/2 of medium

Thyme 2 springs, dried

Imagine organic vegetable stock, 1 litre

Coconut oil 1 tbsp

Salt, pepper and any other of your favorite herbs (I added basil and rosemary)

The Actions

Slice the mushrooms.

Heat a large pot with the coconut oil. Add in garlic and onions until they are soft.

Use a hand blender to jeuje the soup, or take half and blend it to make smooth.

Optional tidbits:

Add in a crostini.

Add in some creame fraiche.

Or just enjoy it plain!

eat well. work hard. see you in a heartbeat.

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