Chapter 2017 - complete! The 3 things I learned...and what's next.

As we say goodbye to 2017, I reflect about the things I accomplished, the things that are still on my to-do list and everything in between. I am, very often hard on myself and want to get everything done now, but if there was one word to describe 2017 for me, it would be "organically". To allow things to unfold naturally and really "go with the flow". I didn't get everything done, but took chances, didn't travel as much as I wanted, but met new people, fell into old habits but started new ventures and learned more about myself.

Life is all about continuously learning...

Throughout life, you go to school, you finish school, you keep learning. Maybe you go back to school later in life for something else, I did. And that was the best learning I ever did. I became a holistic nutritionist, (lots of school), a yoga instructor, (more school), and now I am practising both in the school of life. I had to re-learn the things about being an entrepreneur this year and put them to good use. I am still learning everything I can about vlogging and blogging and websites and photography...the list goes on and on and it seems like there is just never enough time.

But it's been so interesting seeing myself arise to the occasion to learn something new to change my life and make it better. Now, I am at a place where I have to take a chance..which is scary. But this can also be a good sometimes need to take a leap of faith, to see how things will pan out. To take chances gives you the possibilities you thought were impossible. And nothing is impossible.

Keep it simple...

This was a big thing for me this year and as I keep going through my mind and physical surroundings I need to remind myself to keep it simple. The question is: What do you need?

Food. keep your food simple. You don't need a full cupboard that will last you through the next apocalypse, many times my fridge is quite empty. Get your favourite foods, get fresh veggies and meats and cook them. Lean meats, vegetables and small amounts of starch to keep your body balanced. It may sound boring, but truly, you will feel better, not crave sugar or salty simply and simply eat. You won't open the a full fridge and think, "there's nothing to eat" again.

If you don't meal prep already, start! See my blog, with how to start your own meal prep in 3 easy steps! I meal prep for a living and so I have to admit, some days I don't want to do it when I get home. But I know when I do, I benefit 110%. I eat and feel better, I save money and honestly, my food is good!

Clothing. This is the most difficult one for me. But with some good self-treatment, I have slowed down my purchasing habits. My closet is almost full of the items I love and need. Of course, tomorrow is boxing day and I'm perusing the sale websites and have my shopping bag FULL of stuff...that i don't need. I don't need another pair of yoga pants. I don't need another sweater, when I hardly wear the one I have. NEED. What do you really NEED?

I need a warm coat. I need nutrition. I need love. I need a home. I need a new desk - that doesn't hurt my shoulders or strain my hips...(I have a long torso:leg ratio)

I have enough clothes. I don't NEED more. I would like more, but don't need more.

Life. This one I have down. I find that many people over-complicate their the sense they live their lives to suit the people around them, not live for themselves. I'm not talking about being selfish, but I am talking about self-care, (more on this below). My life may sound boring on paper: I work 3 jobs, I go to yoga, I cook, I see friends from time to time. I don't really watch tv. I read. I watch movies. I do the things I want to do. I keep things simple to reduce the "stressors" in my life, which truly are just you saying "yes" to people. Don't get me wrong, we all have responsibilities. But what are the differences between that you "have to do" and what you "feel like you have to do"? Again, it comes down to need.

BE conscious...

What does this mean? It's a never-ending balance between realities. Without getting too deep into what it means to be conscious...let me ask you a question:

The fact that yes, of course that you are breathing air, but it's so much more. Right now, I'm breathing in the aroma of a roast in my oven, the presence of my boyfriend in the next room, the vibrations of the music coming from my speaker and even the keystrokes as I type. It's not just air that I'm breathing. Being conscious isn't about ignoring the things around you, it's about taking it all in. It's about realizing your fears, truths and beliefs, connecting your body and mind to not be scared of the simple fact that we are all human.

Being conscious allows you to accept the love with the hurt, the wins with the defeat, it allows you to move with the energy instead of against it. It allows you to be free. Free of the constraints that you have let society rule over you. To accept yourself as you are, in whatever state and still love yourself thoroughly. It's not easy, but less stressful when you get to it. Just breathe.

So what's next?

I can't wait to share what's up next for me. It's exciting and new for me. It's scares me, so I know it's going to be good. I'll be sharing a lot of things on the blog and moving to a vlog format shortly, (SO scary!)

But I'll be covering ways to make your lives more wholistic from recipes to beauty secrets; yoga sequences and workout videos; simple ways to make your lives better! (hopefully)

So stay tuned...

in the meantime, Eat well. Work hard. Seize wellness.

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