New Year, new you?

IS this YOUR year?  

Will this be the year that you do ________________ (fill in the blank)?  

May you have or haven't ever made new year's resolutions.  May be you have or haven't kept them.  But maybe, this is the year that you do.  

Making resolutions, vision boards or goal lists will only work if you truly want them to.  If you have the driving need for change starting with a visual goal list tends to help.  It keeps things at the front of your mind, makes you more aware and is a true reminder.  But before any of that can happen you need to figure out the root cause of what is making you unhappy about X.  Maybe you want a new job?  To find love?  To lose those extra pounds?  So as much as it's great to make resolutions, they still need to be SMART.  An acronym, I'm sure you've heard before; if not, your resolution needs to be :

Simple. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time sensitive.  

I always start my year with goals.  Just referring to them as goals sets a more positive tone to achievements rather than something I need to stop doing.  Here are my top goals for 2018: 

1. More self-care.

There has been a lot of writing about self-care recently.  Mostly saying on how it's not about eating chocolate cake and taking baths, but about diving in and really taking care of yourself.  Honestly, in my opinion, self-care is different for everyone and you can't blanket the entire population to need the same self-care.  Sometimes there is no other answer than chocolate cake and taking baths.  

But I do agree that true self-care isn't about spoiling yourself, that just comes with the territory.  Self-care is about taking care of yourself from all angles.  

This is what my self-care will look like: 

- Go to yoga:  deep breathing and focus relaxes the nervous system allowing me to deal with daily stressors and move with energy

- Journal and reflect daily: a thing I let go of, but it so important.  I will put down my phone and journal instead before heading to bed, this will allow me to reflect on my achievements and failures for the day and let things go.

- Say no, (especially to my husband) - I do a lot of things for a lot of people, I have a few jobs on the go.  I need space and time to myself so that I can take that bath 😉

2. Eat better

Yes, I'm a nutritionist.  But years of bad habits is difficult to break for anyone.  I will fill my fridge with nutritious vegetables, lean meats and complex carbohydrates to keep my body working well and in balance.  

I can't say it enough, but I will meal prep for myself and my husband so we both have ready meals for work and dinner so that we don't order take out. 

3. Drink more water.

I'm not sure where things took a turn.  But when I turned 40 this year, things changed.  My muscles were described as "dry" in eastern medicine.  They were lethargic, didn't want to move and seemed like I was walking in molasses.  It has become more difficult to take off the weight that I fought with before.  What was happening in my life?  

Water.  But not just water, it was my minerals were imbalanced and so my muscles and tissues weren't hydrating the best they could.  Your body is a very balanced organism between micro minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium.  It's what makes up your blood pressure, helps regulate your heat beat and keeps you alive.   

So now I add in magnesium and potassium to my drinking water.  I drink electrolytes on days when I am working out.  And a make sure that I AM drinking water, especially at work.  - I need water now....

4. Set up business.

This is the one that scares me the most.  But I am done with doing everything goals include: starting a vlog, more talks, more clients, more teaching...I won't bore you with details, just stay tuned....😉

5. Get to market.

CC Sprays was a hit this year.  Thanks to my supporters!  But I need to get to market.  Stay tuned to this one as well...

What are your goals for 2018?  What would make your life better? Where have you always wanted to go? Do you want to change your job? Lose weight?  The steps are closer than you may think.  

Leave a comment or contact me if you feel like you need more help! 

Eat well.  Work hard.  Seize wellness. 🌱

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