Stop labelling your Food









Do you use any of these words?

I hear them ALL THE DAMN TIME!! People use them as excuses and gold stars when they talk to me - like I have the power to send them to hell or give them a medal.

These words float around our food to make us feel better, worse, good or bad about the things we eat. As a nutritionist, I have the knowledge of the background of food - you know, where they come from, what their story is and how they can help YOUR body be better.

The Psychology of Food is deep and dark, but it doesn't have to be a total mystery. I always keep the dogma out of food. It doesn't need to be complicated or follow a certain path to be healthy. Food in its natural state gives nutrients to sustain life. Period.

Firstly, don't need to label them.


I had this conversation with a friend of mine last week:

Italian Zeppole

Giving your food a label gives it life and personality, which can lead to it having an impact on you. It's food, not your girlfriend. It doesn't have feelings and when you label it comes to life and has a personality. This is when your relationship with food can get sticky.

It should be nutritious most of the time, but it doesn't have to be all the time.

When I think about my relationship with food, it has changed, but doesn't have a label.

If you have been following me, you know I eat what I want, when I want. I balance out my food with the whole > processed. But in life, everyday is practice.

Try this short activity:

Write your answers down.

How does food make you feel? (ex, Nervous, fat, bored, happy, depressed...)

Describe in one word, this week's food intake.

Describe in one word, your current diet, (last six months)

Are you following a diet?

Look at the list you have made. Are the words positive or negative? How do those words make you feel? Do they shock you?

You may not have the best relationship with food. You may be scared of your kitchen. You may just know how to prepare a few meals and need some inspiration - and THAT'S OK.

Opening up your mind to JUST EAT FOOD and not think about what other people think, say or do is the most difficult part of being yourself. It's easy to slap a label onto something so that others can relate to it, but when you JUST DO IT there doesn't have to be a reason. It just is.

You may need to completely change your way of thinking, but this will alleviate a lot of pressure. TRUST ME. You don't need to eat a certain way or be restrictive. Just follow these simple rules.

1. Eat food