What's your hook?




They are all the same thing ➡️ they can lead to disaster.

Disclaimer ** This post may get a little "hippie" but please, bear with me. **

I'm in the midst of peeling off the layers of my SELF. It's been an interesting journey so far, where I have gone down some dark roads and seen things that have been smouldering for years. But in all of the darkness appears the light.

This week, I started reading a book by Susan David called "Emotional Agility" which has opened my eyes to the work that I have been doing for, what feels like years.

If you have known me for a while, you may know me as a leader, headstrong or quite opinionated. These qualities enabled to me thrive in the corporate world and as I climbed the ladder, the words "abrasive", "harsh", and "inappropriate" kept coming up in my employee reviews. Wait. What? 😳This is not what I wanted to be.

My communication style needed a drastic alteration.

I had built up these protective mechanisms around me that were on auto-response to certain phrases and situations. I felt fear of confrontation. Enter in Captain Obvious, I used sarcasm to lighten the mood. I became a mean girl.

Why is this important?

Being emotionally agile allows you to be in a higher vibration of energy. 😳 Huh? Energy? Ok...I'll slow things down a little...

You probably know a person who's life just seems SO easy. If they want a new job, they get one. They are well-liked. They seem to not have a care in the world. It's not a secret. They also probably show gratitude, are enthusiastic, positive and are optimistic.

🙄 If you are rolling your eyes right now, I've been there.

If you relate to those characteristics, great job!! 🤗

Trust me when I say when you stop being a Debbie Downer, life doesn't seem so bad.

Sure, life will give you some lemons and you should make some lemonade!

So do you want life to be easier?

Here are a few thoughts for you to consider: What gets you going?

A family member?

A phrase?

A bad driver?

Certain reactions or behaviours?

One of mine is the phrase, “can I talk to you?” Immediately I have the feeling of fear, fault, whether or not it’s positive or negative, I automatically get defensive.

So what is driving the hook, the thinker or the thought? 🤔💬

Your reaction = Your truth

and which ever one is driving the bus, is what is our subconscious reaction.

Getting over our hooks is important so we can change. When we cling to one emotion, thought or feeling we dwell in the past, become stagnant, and complacent which can lead to depression. When we can change we become more positive, lighter and feel amazing!

Here's how you can let go of your hooks:

Be present.

Don't think about past experiences, overthink or predetermine outcomes, stop being passive aggressive. But be present during all experiences, think positive and breathe.


Is a prerequisite for change. Play the hand you were dealt, you couldn’t choose your parents, family, body type or upbringing. Show yourself kindness.

Compassion - for others and ourselves.

Gives us freedom to redefine ourselves and the freedom to fail, to take risks and truly be creative.

Change is inevitable. We change from youth to adults to parents. We change in life financially. We change partners, living spaces and careers. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just accept the changes instead of making it a source of stress? I sure think so.

So what are your hooks?

Are you looking to change something in your life?

Let me know and we can talk more about it!

Until the next time,

Eat well. Work hard. Seize wellness.