5 things you should do before the decade is over

Don’t just forget about 2019. Take some time to look over the past year and reflect.

But this isn’t your regular year, this is the end of a decade! This is the PERFECT time for reflection!

2019 was a big year for me, I let go of a lot. It the first REAL year I gave my own business a chance. There was a lot of things that came up for me and that I had to let go. Fear, anger, resentment, my ego - freed. Those may rear their nasty heads every now and again, but I know how to keep them in line.

I don’t think I could be in my current mindset if I didn’t go through all the things I did.

Here’s my suggestion, get a pen and paper and write down some things as you read the rest of this post. It may help you get to where you want to be and leave behind the garbage.

Here are my top 5 things to do this week, before this decade is over!


Life is an ebb and flow - in constant movement and never still. Reflection isn’t just about the good things, but the bad as well. It’s about seeing what you did well and horribly. Your successes and failures.

So, think about the following:

  • What is your favourite moment from this year?

  • From this decade? And why?

  • What is 1 thing you did this year that made you feel proud of yourself? And what thing do you want to bury? The moment you want to bury, why? What feelings come up for you?

  • Who are your new friends from this year and what do you love about them? What do they bring to your life?

  • Did you leave friends this year? Are you angry when you think about them? If so, why? What thing do you wish you did more of and what is keeping you from it?

  • What feelings or emotions are coming out? Are they related? Do they have anything in common?

Show Gratitude and leave things behind

This year I learned how showing Gratitude isn’t just about the people or things you may have in your life that you are thankful for, but it incorporates all of life; the good and the bad.

Negative things, like loss can show you about freedom. How to love and live in the moment, in a way you want to. There is no right or wrong way to feel or react to anything, but recognizing what feelings come up can allow you to let them go. Feelings like ego, fear or anger are protective mechanisms we use to keep in a comfort zone. They keep us at bay so we cannot be lighter and truly more positive. This protective mechanism usually stems from your childhood, a part whom doesn't know what your new goals are so it reacts negatively. Show this part that you are ok, thank it and then let it become a part of your new self.

Start, Stop and Continue

This originates from all my years as a Starbucks Manager. Every year I would get a review from my staff that would detail the things that I was doing well, where I could improve and what they wanted me to stop doing. Though the results were not always attractive, it made me look at my actions and made me a better person - it’s why I started doing it in my personal life as well.

To do this, you want to make a small list of behaviours that you would like to start doing, stop doing and continue to do.

Next year, I am going to START monthly creative workouts. In January, I am starting 50 days of barre classes at Bar Method. I’m so excited for this! I am CONTINUing researching and writing. I’ve been getting my nerd on and I LOVE IT! Sharing information and recipes has been a true highlight of my year. I am going to STOP comparing myself to others.

What things do you want to Start, Stop and Continue doing next year?

Do one last thing on your list

You have 1 week left to do something you wanted to but didn’t get to. Make it something achievable, like making beeswax wraps or purging your closet. Fix something broken or repurpose things you’ve been hanging onto.

But maybe you didn’t make a list at the beginning of the year or don’t believe in it; you still have one week to maybe do something you want to leave behind. Write a letter to someone and then burn it. Take a yoga class or meditate for 5 minutes everyday for a week. Make a new recipe you’ve never tried, or even a new restaurant! Do something to free your mind!